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Fytor range of home cleaners protects your home from 99.9% germs. It is tough on hard stains and leaves your floor, bathroom and toilet sparkling clean and leaves you with long-lasting fragrance.


Fabrich detergent is tough on stains and brightens your clothes in a single wash. It helps whiten whiter clothes while locking in the colours of the coloured clothes. Its brightening properties ensure that your clothes stay as good as new, all day, every day.

Scrubby Dishwash

Scrubby Dishwash is enriched with the goodness of lemon extracts. It is specially formulated to remove tough greases and keep your utensils sparkling. The lemon extracts ensure that your utensils are devoid of any germs and its fragrance lasts long after you are done washing your utensils.

Enliv Bathing Soap

Enliv Bathing Soap gives your skin refreshing care. Its high TFM content moisturizes and nourishes your skin to keep it soft and supple leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed. Its long-lasting fragrance will keep you fresh all day long.